Valvoline Tobago Wind Up

Valvoline Tobago Wind Up

Valvoline is seeking to expand its Market share in the sister isle and saw the opportunity to join forces with ARA and together, we shall be staging this, our first venture into Tobago. Why “Valvoline Tobago Wind Up!” ? Simple, there is no space for the Drag aspect at the available location, so this will strictly be a wind and wind and wind…! The Location will be the Gulf City Mall Car Park. We shall be preparing a proper drawing for the area we will be using, so everyone can have an idea of what we are hoping to achieve. This will NOT be a Championship Event. The Event will be run on Sunday 26th May, so those making the trip should travel either on the Friday 24th or Saturday 25th May.

We are suggesting that everyone make their own arrangements for shipping of vehicle and accommodation. We would just like to have some feedback on those who shall be participating in this Event A Briefing meeting in Trinidad will be held on Wed. 22nd May at The Rise, Lange Park, Chaguanas. And we shall also be having a Tobago Briefing on Saturday (25th) Night at Gulf City Food Court – 7:00pm. Entry Forms in Tobago at Federal Tyres, where the Management has graciously offered their facilities for any competitor who may have some last-minute tuning or adjustments to be made on their car. And Tobago Motor Services, Bacolet St. and Jimmy’s Holiday Resort.(Call Ajmal for bookings… 682-0535)

There will be an Award for the best Tobago competitor.

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